Life at VDI

We are working to create better experiences for our people, better outcomes for our clients and sustainable change across our industry. Personal and professional development of our team underpin our Firm's culture and values, and are critical to our Firm strategy. We create a place where everybody can succeed- embedding inclusion, equity and diversity into all we do. Innovation comes only through happy people and that is what we try to ensure at VDI. Trough in-house interaction and outdoor activities, we keep our team’s engagement at a high level focusing on their well-being.

A central objective of VDI's strategy is to promote ESG, as we believe that strengthening all three pillars contributes decisively to the sustainable development and well-being of both society as a whole and our company.

VDI recognizes its responsibility and contributes to protecting the environment by minimizing paper use, recycling, limiting the use of electricity during the day, and taking initiatives to participate in voluntary activities such as adopting a beach to combat plastic pollution, planting trees, etc.

VDI ensures the continuous development of an optimal working environment with a focus on the adoption of shared values, well-being, equality and rewarding employees by organizing in-house outings and events, enabling employees to participate in training workshops-seminars, ensuring equal opportunities and incentives, and promoting the participation of female executives in the company's workforce, among other things.

Finally, standards of ethical entrepreneurship and responsible corporate governance are of the utmost importance, while pro-bono service provision is adopted.