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VDI Law Firm was established in December 2009 by our managing partner Vassilios D. Ikonomidis, who was already since 2002 actively engaged primarily in the areas of civil, commercial and criminal law. Since then we have been operating continuously, having gradually evolved from a small-sized law office into a dynamically growing boutique law firm.

Our Firm is distinguished for its high standard legal services in specialized areas of law, combining legal tradition and experience of decades with flexibility and understanding of contemporary challenges in financial and business environment.

Practice Areas

We believe that the best way to know about the law applicable to specialised endeavors is to study the general rules of law. As such, our lawyers are primarily equipped with an innate understanding of the general rules and principles governing the basic subjects of law. This general understanding is then used to navigate us through the more specialised areas of the law.

Our practice areas have been developed in response to a constantly changing social and economic environment, through our persistent engagement with the legal, regulatory and industry related matters of each area of law.

Our Team

Managing Partner

Vassilios Ikonomidis

Vassilios Ikonomidis is the founder and Managing Partner of VDI Law Firm. He is a graduate of the Athens Law School, the University of Munich, in Germany, and the Northumbria University of the

Georgia Patili

Georgia Patili is a Partner of VDI Law Firm. She is a graduate of Athens Law School and Northumbria University of the United Kingdom. She has in depth knowledge and experience on civil
Senior Associate

Despina Valtzi

Despina Valtzi is a Senior Associate at VDI Law Firm. She is a graduate of the Athens Law School and the University of Piraeus. Her specialization covers various aspects of corporate and commercial


agile actors cross-border merger

Agile Actors – Cross-border merger

Happy and honored to have advised Agile Actors on the recently completed cross-border merger between the Irish company Agile Actors Limited and the Greek SA Agile Actors Endeavours. In the context of ...
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nomos 4808/2021

Article by D. Loukianou – The new...

The adoption of the new law 4808/2021 for the protection of the employment brings upon substantial changes on the working environment in Greece. In an attempt for modernization of the ...
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