ESG Legal Services

Our firm can provide a full range of legal services required in an ever-evolving ESG landscape. As we understand the importance of the adoption of strong policies and procedures that enable business to comply with sustainability and ESG factors, we advise clients as they incorporate ESG into business strategies and implement ESG in operations.

Our ESG legal services include:

  • Support in developing ESG policies and practices.
  • Provision of due diligence support in the context of transaction including ESG issues (e.g. legal and compliance diligence, transaction
    diligence etc.).
  • Drafting ESG Due Diligence Report and conduction of impact assessment on high-risk projects, transactions and lending.
  • Preparation of Corporate governance — Corporate policy documents (e.g.
  • Code of Conduct, BoD Remuneration policy, Conflicts of interest policy, Anti- corruption and Anti-Bribery policy, Whistleblowing policy, Internal Audit policy, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy, etc.).
  • Provision of legal advice on ESG related issues (e.g. environmental law issues, labour law, tax law issues etc.)
  • Regulatory advice in the context of gaining access to funding related to EU Green Deal, BEPS 2.0 etc.
  • ESG litigation (e.g. handling of “green advertising” and “greenwashing” claims, claims regarding compliance failures and
    environmental contamination etc.).