Congratulations Vasilis Ikonomidis and Despina Valtzi for being featured in the recent LAWYER | The Business Magazine.
The VDI partners respond on whether L. 4935/2022 is the threshold of an inexpensive and at the same time profitable corporate investment.

Vasilis believes that the current investment law seems to mark the beginning of a new era in strengthening the business process, providing fertile ground for the viability of SMEs and providing a springboard for corporate decisions that are expected to deliver additional value with reduced implementation costs.

Despina explains why its potential is already being exploited by companies that choose it over other development laws. This is helped by the provision for a 30% tax exemption as a strong tax incentive, and the application of the measure for up to 9 years as a prospect of stability and long-term benefits.

Find out more on pg 31-33 of the issue.