Happy and honored to have advised Agile Actors on the recently completed cross-border merger between the Irish company Agile Actors Limited and the Greek SA Agile Actors Endeavours.

In the context of the merger, the Greek SA absorbed the assets and liabilities of the Irish Ltd and substituted the latter in all legal rights and obligations as its universal successor, aiming to the best and most efficient organisation and administration of Agile Actors Group.

Our corporate team, in cooperation with Reddy Charlton LLP as legal advisors in Ireland,  Domocap, Up Accounting and Moore Ireland as tax advisors, undertook the preparation of all documents required for the implementation of the merger, as well as the correspondence with competent authorities in Greece and Ireland respectively.

After almost one year of intensive involvement in the project, the final approval for the cross-border merger was issued by the Minister of Development, thus successfully completing this significant milestone.

Way to go, Agile Actors, many thanks for your trust to our team!