Our managing partner,Vasilis Ikonomidis, representing VDI Law Firm participated in the ESG UNIVERSE virtual conference, organized by SmartPress S.A.

During his speech, he analyzed the ESG criteria, their importance for businesses, as well as their legal implications. He mainly focused on the legal framework around ESG implementation, focusing on Directive (EU) 2022/2464 on the disclosure of corporate sustainability information (CSRD), as well as on possible ESG services, such as the preparation of ESG due diligence reports and conducting impact assessments on high-risk projects, transactions and lending.

He concluded his speech by stating that ultimately compliance with ESG criteria is important firstly because it results in more favorable financing conditions from credit institutions, because investors prefer to deal with “green businesses” and because the phenomenon of “greenwashing” is largely combated.

VDI Law Firm was silver sponsor of the ESG Universe Conference.
Thank you SmartPress S.A. for this great opportunity!