The first webinar of a series of events of the Committee on Legal Affairs on “Greece as a business, investment and work destination: Developments and Challenges”, was held on February 3, by the German-Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the main theme of investments.

Speakers of the informative event, which concerned the thematic section “Investments in Greece” were Vassilis Economides, Managing Partner of the Law Firm “VDI Law Firm“, with long experience in corporate and commercial law issues and Michalis Peliosand (, Lawyer of Athens and Germany, with fifteen years of experience in representing foreign companies and investors in Greece.

In his presentation, Vassilios Ikonomidis referred to the Investment Laws and the Tax Incentives given for the development and strengthening of Investments in Greece and mainly to the New Development Law, the adoption of which coincided with his speech. He stressed that the new Development Law emphasizes the strengthening of sectors of the economy, such as the green transition, environmental upgrading of businesses, digital transformation, research, business extroversion and new business.

In the context of a relevant discussion, the licensing process of the processing units was presented, as well as the opportunities and advantages for investments in this field in Greece, with special reference to the New Development Law, which will offer substantial assistance to the budget of a business opening in the pharmaceutical sector. hemp.

See in detail the speech of Vassiliou Ikonomidi


Our firm participate also on the rest series of German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce webinar. Our associates presented the following topics.

“Housing” business presence in Greece: Incentives for coordination/IT service centers and family offices in Greece, Establishment of companies/offices of L. 89
by Despoina Loukianou

Working in Greece by Digital Nomads – Tax and Labor / Insurance Issues
by Paraskevi Tsamadou

analyzed the useful tools for financing startups and ways to find financing.


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