Our Corporate Department advised a leading S.A. in the design and manufacture of power distribution and Led lighting products on its partial demerger by virtue of the provisions of L. 4601/2019 and L. 4935/2022.

Through this corporate transformation our client transferred to an already existing company the business unit of cable pulling systems by way of universal succession.

The partial demerger was “asymmetric” in the meaning that only one of the two shareholders of the demerged company received shares in the beneficiary company, while the other shareholder retained the 100% of the remaining shares in the demerged company.

This seems to be the first time that an asymmetric partial demerger takes place according to the provisions of L. 4601/2019 in conjunction with the new tax law 4935/2022, thus successfully leading to the demerged company’s shareholders business separation and at the same time providing important tax incentives.

The team was led by Vassilis Ikonomidis, Despina Valtzi and Niki Nisotaki